About Robert

Robert Weiner has established a successful track record of creating luxury apartments in Budapest over the span of 15 years, with around 75 properties/projects to his name.

His ability to blend classic elements with modern features has garnered attention from top interior magazines and television shows.

With a selective approach of working on only 4-5 projects annually, his properties are in high demand and well-regarded in the Budapest real estate market.

Beyond dreaming up concepts, he actively takes part in the renovation, furnishing, and management of his projects.

Additionally, he offers a comprehensive property service that includes sourcing the best property, unique design, full refurbishment, high-standard furnishing, and assistance with renting and property management.

His close relationships with clients often evolve into long-lasting partnerships. In his personal life, he enjoys travel and surfing as lifelong hobbies.


“One of the best parts of my job is during the magazine photoshoot day, where I take a moment to sit down and appreciate the effort and planning that went into creating  a Home, just from a dream. However, it’s only a brief moment of satisfaction before the next exciting adventure begins.”